Client Testimonials

"As well as being very knowledgeable, Jordan has a natural intuition and empathy. Her dream interpretations are very insightful, and have helped me see much deeper into the meanings and messages in my dreams. I would 100% recommend her"
Jane Kelly
Teleworker, UK
"Jordan really listens, and has a great ear for details. What Jordan notices has, on several occasions, really opened my eyes and caused me to wonder how I could not have seen that myself. She has a really good feel for the direction our dreams are sending us in so that life becomes more rich and enjoyable. She really helped me go further and to find what I had long sought and long sought to achieve" - translated from German Original Text
Detlef Knispel
IT Spezialist, Deutchland
"Jordan is well-versed in mythology and the themes that appear in our dreams as a call to self-development. She intuitively knows where the deeper messages lie. In my work with her I really benefited from new and deeper insights. Highly reccomended." - translated from German Original Text
Silvia Kiel de Ballon
Diplom Psychologin, Deutchland
"Jordan is a person who combines knowledge, feeling, intuition and mindfullnes to help me bring together disparate elements and see the whole in it's larger setting, from an honest perspective, and to understand what my subconcious is trying to communicate to me. It was a hugely worthwhile experience for me. Thankyou!" - Translated from Polish Original Text
Nina Paczos
Tancerka, Poland