Written Interviews 

September 2015 - Metal Hammer (UK)

Jon Seltzer of Metal Hammer talks to Jordan on the roots of metal, and what lovers of metal see in dark folk music. PDF here. Link here

August 2015 - Stuff NZ (New Zealand)

Mike Alexander from New Zealand's biggest online daily magazine "Stuff" talks to  Jordan about Maiden, Mother, Crone, paganism, and identity. Full Interview Here .

April 2015 - the Morning Star (UK)

The UKs only socialist daily newspaper "The Morning Star" talks to Jordan about the "Maiden, Mother, Crone" trilogy project. PDF HERE.

August 2014 - Porky Prime Cuts (NZ) 

Craig Haggis talks New Zealand politics, the banning of political music containing political messages, and Jordan's new EP "Crone". Full text here

July 2014 - Cat on the Wall (UK).
Award Winning Alt Culture Blog

An interview with Jordan on the alternative scene, the industrial revolution, music, politics and more.
Full text here:

July 2014 - Celtic Rock (Germany).
Article in German about Jordan's EP trilogy project. Full text here. 

June 2014 - Cat on the Wall (UK).
Award Winning Alt Culture Blog

An in depth report on Jordan's music and performance at Whitby Gothic Weekend as support for New Model Army.
Full text here:

May 2014 - Miss Gish (UK).
Book Talk with Cyra Gish

Cyra talks with Jordan about the Crone character from her new EP and her book "Remembering the Dead", the crossover between storytelling, melody and characters in music.
Full text here

Live Reviews 

Dlaczego Nie Gra (Poland) - Reviewed at Club Lykend, Wroclaw.
Two encores and a standing ovation - she's that good. Jordan is one woman on stage who manages to sound like an entire band, and a great one at that. Jordan mixes the modern with the traditional in a way that is both modest and charming.
llink to full review

Metal DIstrict (Germany) - Reviewed at Circa Theatre.
(Jordan) won me over completely with her smokey, passionate voice and her likeable character. A very special concert, as evidenced by the (fully deserved) standing ovation. One of the weekends highlights.
Liink to full review

Cat on the Wall (UK) Reviewed at Spa Pavillon, Whitby Gothic Weekend:

One of the most extraordinarily fascinating live shows I have ever seen on stage... one of the best – if not the best – folk performers out there today... she’s spellbinding. (Cat on the Wall, UK)

Metal Hammer (UK) - Reviewed at Shepherds Bush Empire, London.
Jordan does a great job of tapping into the dark underbelly of English folk, adding a modern yet timeless twist with her use of looppedals to build glorious harmonies. (print review, no link)

Gig Junkies (UK) - Reviewed at Hare and Hounds, Birmingham.
.. utterly beguiling... quixotic soundscapes of arabesque splendour. Think Canadian Cree singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte Marie and Eddie Vedder on backing vox. And while you’re at it throw in a dollop Dylan’s scatological garrulous screams of sub-consciousness.
Link to full review

Daily Steampunk (Germany) - Reviewed at Circa Theatre, Leipzig 
I can't reccommend enough that you check (Jordan) out live. Her music is fantastic, as is reflected in our review of her album. You absolutely must go and see Jordan perform. 
link to full review 

Mudkiss (UK) - Reviewed at the Railway, Bolton.

A delicious mixture of Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, and Imogen Heap, yet with her own distinctive sounds resonating. Mechanical/industrial noises entwine with everyday sounds, on her machine samples, her powerful voice is striking as she tells us tales through song. I'd advise that you go and check her out immediately if she is heading your way.
link to full review

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Latest Videos

Broadcast Interviews

Febuary 2017 - Radio New Zealand 

Jordan talks to Alex Jordan Reyne talks to Alex Behan about singing the Resident Evil trailer track "Go Tell Aunt Rhody," her love of language, connection to the gaming industry and being a kiwi a long long way from home. Listen HERE. 

October 2014 - Soundcloud Interview

Jordan talks about "Mother" - the new EP in the Maiden, Mother, Crone trilogy. Includes snippets of all tracks from the EP. Click below to listen.  

June 2014 - New World Darkness (UK).
Kev666 talks to Jordan about pagan symbology and ithe Crones of modern times. Coverage on next EPs in the trilogy and the public nature of Mother's bodies and societies reaction to them.
Listen Here

May 2014 - Radio New Zealand (NZ).
The Sampler withNick Bollinger

Nick Bollinger talks about Jordan's "Crone" EP and her history as "New Zealand's most dedicated musical experimenter".
Download or stream here. 


“[A] remarkable talent.. in a category all of her own. She's a force of nature" Prog Magazine (UK)

“may just be making the most important sound of this year. ...simply stunning. A thoroughly unique work of art from start to finish... Whether by hook or crook, you MUST own this album. RATING - 5 / 5” BBC Channel 4 (UK)

"It is hard to categorise music this original - PJ Harey springs to mind, but the style is 100% Jordan's... Her vocals are astounding".The Mix (UK)

"...original, dark, and very, very powerful" - Brass Goggles (UK)

"Fantastic. A work of art... rarely would I so strongly recommend you buy an album" Celtic Rock (Germany)

“One of this country's most gifted, probing and intelligent writers. A dark, emotionally intense and musically arresting concept album... delivered in lean poetry and electrifying folk-noir. An impressive achievement” - Graham Reid, Elsewhere (New Zealand)

“[The Loneliest of Creatures] is one of the best dark ambient pieces of music ever to have come out of New Zealand. It is also, in many ways, a triumph that Reyne’s previous works have been leading up to: a thoroughly emotional and moving piece of sound art which deserves wide exposure.” - FIEND Magazine (Australia)

“...she’s shrewd, has a history and keeps on going, with a weird mind and stories that evoke photographic snapshots... impeccably measured vocals that have a delightful timbre of mischief... a beautiful, perverse album, which will reap further rewards the more you allow it to.” - Mick Mercer (UK)

“Husky and thoughtful female vocals ride over a wide-ranging alternative spectrum of sound, from rock and acoustic guitars, to mellow and haunting synths. That said, this sound is distinct, with Jordan’s vocals being able to reach any scale, no matter what the music around her may be doing, making for a varied listening experience. This is what the scene needs – more bands willing to give something new a go, and [Jordan] seems to be amongst those leading the way” - Hard Wired (UK)

"Astounding; you can hear Susannah heartache and hear her tormented breathing... her lyrics are powerful.. the instrumentation excellent.. This album is nothing short of remarkable" Rip it Up (New Zealand)

“One can hear the centuries of tradition in her banshee-like vocals. One can literally hear the sounds of machines that were used at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Not only is this music hip, it is really very good.” - Dig this Real (USA)

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