Reviews of Jordan Live

Cat on the Wall (UK)
"one of the most extraordinarily fascinating live shows I have ever seen on stage... one of the best – if not the best – folk performers out there today... she’s spellbinding
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Dlaczego Nie Gra (Poland)
Two encores and a standing ovation - she's that good.
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Metal District (Germany) 
(Jordan) won me over completely... A very special concert, as evidenced by the (fully deserved) standing ovation. One of the weekends highlights.
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Jordan Reyne - live at Sputnikhalle 2014. Image by Black Cat . de

Jordan Reyne at Whitby Gothic Weekend, UK 2014 photo by Jack HowardJordan Reyne at Whitby Gothic Weekend, UK 2014 photo by Jack HowardJordan Reyne at Klub Lykend, Poland, 2014. Photo by Marek Wilczynski

Daily Steampunk (Germany)
I can't reccommend enough that you check (Jordan) out live. Her music is fantastic, as is reflected in our review of her album... you absolutely must go and see Jordan perform. 
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Metal Hammer (UK) - Reviewed at Shepherds Bush Empire, London.
Jordan does a great job of tapping into the dark underbelly of English folk, adding a modern yet timeless twist with her use of looppedals to build glorious harmonies. (print review, no link)

Reflections of Darkness (Germany)

...a very exciting and a special concert experience... it was such a great concert that the audience asked for an encore.
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Gig Junkies (UK) 
.. utterly beguiling... quixotic soundscapes of arabesque splendour. Think Canadian Cree singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte Marie and Eddie Vedder on backing vox. And while you’re at it throw in a dollop Dylan’s scatological garrulous screams of sub-consciousness.
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Tour Dates

Jordan Reyne Tour Dates
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Live Videos

Below, Jordan live at Spa Pavilion at the 2014 Whitby Gothic Weekend, and live in her own studio in London (Don't Look DOwn). .

Live Loops & Pagan Ritual

Calling on old pagan mthology both physically and lyrically, Jordan Reyne performs as "the hag" on stage; a  horned witch whose stories are told on her current EP trilogy "Maiden, Mother, Crone". Invoking both mystery and rage, the hag is a performance based in both music and drama. Far from the passive female forms so often seen in folk music, Jordan is a figure of mystery, an object of fear, and a storyteller with passion and rancour.

Quixotic soundscapes of arabesque splendour... utterly beguiling - Gig Junkies (UK). 

Jordan Reyne 2014 by Marge Munchausen

Jordan Reyne at Pub Pamela 2014 Photo by Sławek Niedlich Jordan Reyne at Whitby Gothic Weekend, UK 2014 photo by Jack HowardJordan Reyne at CK Zamek, Poland, 2014. Photo by Jakub Andy Sorys

One Woman, one huge Sound

Jordan performs alone on stage, drawing the listeners focus immediately to her. Her sound is a towering and dramatic mix of layered vocals, rythmic loops, and guitar melody building to crescendo as her stories proceed. The trick: Jordan uses two Digitech Harmann Jamman loop machines to sample her own voice in the moment of performance, meaning each performance is unique. Open tunings and layers of harmony and rhythm are woven beneath lyrics that twist the  ancient into modern form.  

Mudkiss (UK) 
A delicious mixture of Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, and Imogen Heap, yet with her own distinctive sounds resonating. Mechanical/industrial noises entwine with everyday sounds, on her machine samples, her powerful voice is striking as she tells us tales through song. I'd advise that you go and check her out immediately if she is heading your way.
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