Trilogy EPs

Maiden (2015) 

Birth Ritual

Insiders - they told me
"Bow your head and do this slowly"
Their hands pulled words from stories
thrown to halves by flame and heresay.

The shaking rhythm, carving
silhouettes: allowed or wanting.
Counter-tones from the other side
where the other half of tales are tried
I saw their eyes, those frightened boys
as ritual rose above our voices.

I've done for you, I've done for you.

Our dancing is required
and feet will bleed when bones are tired, our
two circles, pink and blue
will move in opposites and rules,
and oh their voices, should we stray
from paths as smooth and cold as clay say:

I've done for you, I've done for you.
I've done for you, I've done for you.

The Piper I (Dance, Your Day is Yet to Come)

So you ran from the quiet, cos it made you feel strange
And outside you heard voices and the pull of the crowd
So you ran amidst faces and fluttering hands
Oh you joined the parade of those smiles that avowed:
your day is yet to come.

And amidst whirling dancers a man took your arm -
offered up two for one, the best deal you could earn.
He said "Pay nothing now. Just enjoy and enjoy
and come follow the witches while the beat still allows
cos your day is yet to come".

So you banished the quiet, as a cure for your sanity
to shout with the rest, as a stage for your vanity
Oh don't look away from the heave of the masses
the Reaper, they say, does his work where the quiet is
and your day is yet to come!

But all fevers grow tired, though a crowd cannot see
and they'll pull you along on your stumbling feet
and you'll see in the shadows that stir on the sides
that the quiet still calls, which you swapped for the tide.
Oh your day is yet to come?

So stop, and just breathe. And then do it again.
And hope hard that the noise in your head will die down
cos your ears they will ring till you know you've gone mad
and that someone has taken the one thing you had
and your day has been and gone.

The Piper II (Dance for the Boys)

We moved to the city
Three girls, young toys
We heard life in the noise
They told us "money makes you pretty -
so go dance for the boys, dance for the boys"
We have the same enemy
We have the same enemy.

New sarrogate family
with pockets full of holes
no holds barred
the goals are:
Look at me look at me.
Reflect me through your eyes,
make me ten feet high
We have the same enemy
We have the same enemy.

We have the same enemy
No hands no face all states and slates washed clean
we have the same enemy
devides us into "I"s,
devise, polarise, vanity
We have the same enemy
We have the same enemy.

We have the same enemy
No hands no face an arms race in state policy
we have the same enemy
Just keep calm and buy
devide, polarise, apathy
We have the same enemy
We have the same enemy.


She came down from the sky when the storm left her broken
and open and bleeding for me.
And when God sends you gifts, you should use them with pleasure
and treasure what lands in your reach.

When she woke under covers too cold to be hers
she had eyes like two torches of fire
and her nails and her teeth would have helped in her struggle
if her wounds hadn't rendered her mine.

"You're no captive" I told her
and I showed her the door
which stood open as leaves blew in through.
Cos when people beleive it's their own path they've chosen
they won't see their cage for the view.

Oh but you know women these days
They're as fickle as they are immeasuable
And a man is a man
when his fate's in his hands
and his grasp is as hard as it is invisble

So why do ask if it's greener outside
when I've showed you the flowers through your window?
And where is the thanks for the promise I made
to protect you from all that is cold in a hard world?

Well she smiled, I beleive
and I combed out her hair
and I prayed that her thoughts would turn grateful
Then I rang out her blood so she'd know that she's bled
and be dead if not grateful for rescue

Oh but you know women these days
They're as fickle as they are immeasuable
And a man is a man
when his fate's in his hands
and his grasp is as hard as it is invisble

I've told you we'll go
and tomorrow will come
with tomorrows tomorrow in toe.
Let it go, little girl
there's a hole in the world.
And they'll tear you apart if you go.
I'll tear you apart if you go.
You'll tear me apart if you go.

Quirky Girls

She said it was a walk in the sun
Cause who could not love the day?
And just because the darkness will come
Why should we fear the rain?

We always say what young girls wear
in those stories where they end.
When underneath is the who, what, why, how
and she just went to meet a friend.

Sing for me they said
Sing for me.

And just because she looked her own way - black, blue
they found so much to say
that names became those sticks, stones, fists, bones.
No one gets to walk away.

Sing for me they said
Sing for me.

She wasn't seen for 15 days.
She wasn't really seen at all.
And on the day the earth was thrown
no one
could ever fill the hole.

Don't tell us where the pretty boys are.
Don't tell us what they want us all to be.
I'm dancing with the quircky girls.
We are singing for the sea.

Mother (2015) 

Don't Look Down

I'm gonna save your life
Cos noone can do this alone
and of all the two edged things were forced to hold,
this one wont make any sense unless you look at it wrong.

So Im gonna save your life
while the darkness drags hard at your heels
and if youre going to take this tiny heavy step now
don't you dare look down and
let the abyss grab hold.

Cos I'm gonna save your life.

All silence is heavy until someone speaks
until someone who's brave can name gravitys hold
and your hands, they look tired
and your palms cut and worn
from the struggle to crawl up
to stand up
to fight for a single foothold.

So I'm gonna save your life

I'm gonna take your hand
and it shakes like a leaf, just like mine does, just like theirs do.
I'm gonna ask you to shut your eyes.
To feel the touch of my skin on your own
feel the warmth push through it.
I want you to
hold it
feel it
taste it
breathe it
know it
see it
be it
beleive it
Cos it's gonna save your life.

The Ever Afters

So we grew up.
Jaded but green as the sea.
Don't give me that "throes of desire" shit -
I need it as little as you need me.

Oh duty and ritual.
Stage shows of marital bliss.
Don't tell me that you bought that shit
over safety
and family politics
cos we're older older older.

Slide shows and smiles.
Half time, behind the scenes.
You show me that cold moon rising and
blame falls
shame calls
noone ever bargains for this.

The sea is for treading water
and the sky is far out of reach.
All those things we call happy endings,
are lonely and pale,
and not ours to keep.
cos we're older older older older.

Then came the day you smiled
to the smell of new perfume.
Oh and you thought you'd found you're freedom
to be what we
cant prove.

Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.

Thin cold hand over water.
Lay your hand over mine.
When did all we made to to steel
and who'll get out alive.

So we grew up.
Or so it's called when they agree
that we lost our hopes and desires
that I need far more than
you need me.

The Ferryman

You ride again, and you still won't pay
cos the middle and back isn't going the whole way
your island, oh
has a siren you say.
But this song is your own, and you use it to shift blame.

Her on the shore - "mother" is no name
and the lake lady's lure, an anonymous fame
and we glide overtop, and you wont dive in
oh that dark
would hide us all from sin.

All you can eat - you're a man of your time.
Consumption as virtue - oh it used to be mine.
And choices are taken, even when they're not made
and full cross or not, I'll always get paid.

This is your last trip - yeah the boat stops here.
And with two half lives, you're not a whole of a man
so Ill ask you for one name
but you close your eyes and sigh, sigh, sigh.

Pitiful man - here is my price
you can row back and forth between duty and vice
but you'll never set foot upon island or shore
cos those with no ties never needed the earth.

The Fall

Today the light will fall upon someone.
We all hope for a life
that will move on along.
And we all wait.
And we all pray for fate,
to raise one hand,
lift us high.

Arm over arm, we hold out anchors
we are the tired,
by the rage in storms.

But the fall is gone.
The fall is gone.
The fall is gone.

Hung head and dark eyes,
oh look down to where the dark lies
the fall is gone
The fall is gone.

out on the waves the dark will fall in
with all of the stars spread overits skin
dance in the dark dispersed by your hand
live for the touch where hope meets it's end.

Rulers of Men

They said they'd tame the sea
when all her storms began their howling.
Said they'd patch the holes in sky
before the sun bought us to boiling.
And they said they'd stop the fires
before we burned for understanding.
Then they watergated wires
to stop the questions and the talking.

And my boy is burning.

They stared building walls
around their power and their comfort.
But no guns have yet been fired,
so keep your heads down, go in quiet.
Cos who am I to say
that this is all the start of endings
When we all hope and pretend
just keeping on will bring us everything.

But my boy is burning.
My boy is burning.
My boy is burning.
Right in front of me.

CRONE (2014)

Dishonour Amongst Thieves

Cold where your footsteps fall
I am your echo and your shadow
Here: left, right.
Red cross, dead loss, second sight.
Oh, I am waiting.
Oh, I am listening.
For slips of the tongue
loose lips, sunk ships, power trips and
oversights, oversights oversights.

You're pale as a fish. As a shark
your face buys silence, distance
calculate what violence, violence
will buy you.

Bam. Another ace in your hand
Bam. Another race to rail against
Bam. Fear is a trading game.
But which one of us
doesn't need their name?

Cos we are the men who won't be blamed
we are the ranks whose game is is
knives in the back, shots in the dark
slight of the hand, cheap tricks, suck dick
don't run, don't walk, don't stand single file
green light, red square, no blood on your hands.
Blood on your hands.
You look so horrified.

Your slights of tongue, done legal tender,
your will to power, cower, kill, remember
Your god forbids you'll be forgotten,
short stick, free kicks, dead and rotten.

Cos we are the men who won't be blamed
we are the ranks whose game is is
knives in the back, shots in the dark
slight of the hand, cheap tricks, suck dick
don't run, dont walk, don't stand single file
green light, red square, no blood on your hands.
Blood on your hands.

You look so horrified.

Dear  John

Dear John, Im writing to extend an invitation.
An opportunity to join us for a feast of food and celebration
Far beyone imagination, of what
you made of them or me, you made us what we are.

Cos you're all heart John.
you're all heart John.

Please take off your shoes and I will welcome you into my home
Oh it might seem kind of lonely till the other guests make themselves known
and thankyou for your commendation of my choices, but there is only one
that would keep you in the style to which you've become acccustomed.

But you're all heart John.
you're all heart John.

Delicacy of flavour, oh it fill the senses, feel it come
in rarity anf favours, all laid out since you were bred and born
and we only get to do this once, cos it's far beyond our means.
Dont let me bore you with the details - I know you want to taste a part of each

Cos, you're all heart John.
you're all heart John.

A moments silence, please.
To thank our guests and bless this food that's only yours to eat.
Oh and their names are written underneath each plate
each dish, each tasteless grave
but yes, you like the flavour
and you wont change.
you're all heart John.
you're all heart John.
you're all heart John.

There but for the grace of god goes you or I
you taste every story, but do you recognise?
you're so free with the glaze, and it disguises the taste
of what you know this if for.
What its for.
We, we're all here. We feel each bite, we feel each tear as you sew the seeds
your pound of flesh, your fiscal year.
Know what you are know what you need know what you want, know on what you feed
dear john. 

The Shadow Line

The sky threw down it's blood and rain on the day that she was born.
They gave her number, rank and name
to see if she could hold her own.

but I won't see red

She wouldn't wear her shoes of green, my little girl, and she wouldnt sing.
And when at last, they asked her why
she pointed at the world outside.

but I wont see red.

The men in power, they set up eyes, to show us where the shadow lines
would trip and blow, and show us how
to keep us safely from ourselves.
and they watched us fall down one by one
as the hunger came and seasons turned
till in the end, they called her name
and the fear bit deep, and the sirens came.

but I wont see red

They say some towns are painted gold, and pictures line the city walls.
They show us things we cannot be
and lead us there in hope and greed.

but I wont see red.

My little girl, I found her there. They'd told her she could outrun death
they gave her gold and pretty things
till she was bought and sold and she
told me with, her final breath
"You can never die, if you've never lived".

but I wont see red.

When she was gone, they took her name, and all she had lost, to sell again
and the children followed one by one
with empty eyes drawn to the tune
of endless gold, undying fame
and the cycle turns on blood and rain

And I see red.


Turn those voices down
he whispered, he whispered.
Let me be your quiet
in this dissonance, this dissonance.

I will heal your hurt
he whispered, he whispered
follow my hand
through the dark
I'll be your strength, my fading flower.

Oh you're not alive, but I am your saviour
Wasted spirits die, and I want you to savour, savour
the rush of power
he whispered, he whispered.

When I hold you, you're beautiful
he whispered
Hold the knife tight, in your hand
come prove your loyalty to me

Oh you're not alive but I am your saviour, saviour
Cos I am the knowing, the reaping, the sowing and I I I I I I I I
Burn them to the ground
turn those voices down.   

Turning from the Light

Inimical light -
don't offer your comfort to me
you let it all in
when i want to pretend.

oh let it go dark
let me go to where I noone hears
I'm tired of what years weigh.
and I, I ...

You read it all out
your lesson on
betrayal and slight
go on, sing.

I'm here with a lone symbol
crediting the road hard worn
and I am still walking forward
but I didnt say I wasnt tired

oh light  light
youve lost your way
in my folded face
oh ligh oh light

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Bestof Album

To mark the occasion for Jordan's involvement with the Resident Evil 7 trailer track (where she features as the vocalist) and her 20 years of album releases, Powertool Records are launching a Best Of CD. 15 fan-voted tracks along with 2 unreleased acoustic songs.

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Lyrics to Past CDs

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Maiden (2015)
Mother (2015)
Crone (2014)
The Annihilation Sequence (2013)
Children of a Factory Nation (2012)
How the Dead Live (2006)
Passenger (2004)
The Loneliest of Creatures (2002)
The Ironman (2000)
Birds of Prey (1997)

The Annihilation Sequence (2013)

The Annihilation Sequence (Do What You're Told)

This is the line that I'm gonna take
this is the law - there's no give and take anymore
we are the world we make
we are what we allow

Rule one: don't beleive in them cos
rule two: they don't beleive in you
rule three: trust is everything: dont give out easily, don't let it in

just do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

this is the wish I pretend to use
this is the ruse of my faith in you
letting in the sun, I'm letting two of us
be two of one

and you'll do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

Step one: use important words
step two: pretend that what you heard is
three: deep and meaningful and
four: lust, love, are political

you'll do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

cos we know what's good for you
we know every sad little thing about you
the shameful, the untrue
we have you, we have you

and you'll do what you're told
you'll do what you're told

The Narcissus

In a world with no heroes
I wear shades of pale and
the fragile airs my mother showed me.
I'll show you reflections
while you play with all your dissafections
and reach for your face
painted on me.

Your canvas in waiting
I'm fresh for all these pretty things
you show for yourself when you are hunting.
You smile, try to hold me
I`m cold too the touch but still you want me
and how could I have lived
without your making me.

Hands peel at clothes
your head turns, coy, we pose and dance, I show
unprecious things, parades of glamour, fame and lies and dreams, your mouth says:
fuck me.
fuck me.

Your lips moving slow, the taste
of you alone, of glass and bone
an empty world, an empty hole
just you and me and us and we and
I, I, I, I, I.
fuck me.
fuck me.

The Player

You lit a candle in the hope the heat would fill the void
the hope that light would find some substance in the dark
where all those shaking fading walls should hold your safely balanced words
should reflect a smile whose warmth disguises the abyss
belies a traitors twisted bloodied tongue
and it says:

Curse you. Curse you.

and you will feed us little deaths that serve to mark our fading, fleeting hearts
until we breathe, and nothing more, until we shine like mirrored glass
reflect your artifice and art
and it says:

curse you. Curse you

And what is given falls away with speed akin to fading light
you shine so pale, approaching night
I give a smile, a smile you might just recognise
a mirror, guise, a worn disguise
my open arms, my lovers lies
my open mouth, my empty eyes
they say:

Curse you. Curse you.

The Cab Driver

In the West End, when I was a boy
the only guns I saw were those kids toys
the kind you get for christmas
the kind that break to peices.

now there's just car crashes and murder scenes
and those people from fashion magazines
who want me to drive them to Soho
to meet their artist lovers.

And I dont want their photographs, their autographs
there's plenty of street vendors who'll sell me that
I just want to know what they say to each other

"lets pretend you want me,
lets pretend I really care".

Bite (the hand that feeds)

I met you down the rabbit hole at the end of resurrection road
that cul-de-sac of shambling bodies staring through the empty in me.
I asked you what you came here for. You answered 'mirror on the wall,
to save yourself at all dont just pretend to hear me'

'Bite', you said, 'learn to bite the hand that feeds
you think you know where borders lead?
they'll drink as much as you can bleed
if you have the teeth then do the deed
bite the hand, bite the hand that feeds'

you waved your hand and turned to go, and said 'the choice is yourts and yours alone'
that there is no exit you just choose to go or stay, either way by now you pay
i stumbled pas the empty eyes the bodies piled up grey as sky
you said 'dont follow, dont do what i do, run if you still have the strength to'

'bite' you said ' Learn to bite the hand that feeds
you think you know where borders lead?
they'll drink as much as you can bleed
if you have the teeth then do the deed
bite the hand, bite the hand that feeds'

Dear God, dear lord: you never answered when i called
dear god, dear lord: youre just a whisper under the roar
dear god, dear lord: a rumour theres no substance for
a nothing when the rush is gone
bite the hand, bite the hand that feeds.

feel the falling, endless falling
the voiceless bottomless, the calling
siren song to promise flight so fleeting in this fading light

with hands over my ears i run. The shadows loom and fall undone
all tongues and mouths and blackened arms, your hold you own out, open palm and say:
bite. bite the hand that feeds.


Children of a Factory Nation (2012)

Johnny & the Sea

It was two days ago when the skull and bones ship came in
and the shadows grew long as a shiver ran right through the evening.
I head every door slam as I stood in the street and just stared
and the call of the sea rose up in my restless young ears.

She said: Johnny come home, Johnny come home, Johnny, come home.

And the ocean's as wild as I was as a boy, and she sings,
of fortune and change and the power of a young persons dreams.
When I stand on the sea and the waves crash and howl out our names
it's through nausea and fear that we come to know how we are made.

Johnny come home, Johnny come home, Johnny, come home.

But at 7 years on I grew tired and started thinking of home.
I romanticized fields and the cycles of seasons and farms.
I arrived and I married and I wait for the roots to take hold
but I wake every night to the sound of the sea, so loud

She says: Johnny come home, Johnny come home, Johnny, come home.

You forget how to swim once your life doesn't throw you too far.
Like you hope that the land can still hold you, and keep you here, warm.
But I hear and I see and I'm sick of the earth and its gaze
so I'm walking out once, I am walking out, into the waves.

They say: Johnny come home, Johnny come home, Johnny, come home.

A Woman Scorned

Oh I waited too long for my love to come home
and the sea turned to serpents and foam.
When his ghost came to me it was covered in weeds
and the fishes had chewed him to bone

Oh hollow eyed man, tell me how could you go
when you've wife and two children on shore
when the call of the sea is a siren mouthed tune
and your duty weighs 50 times more?

"Don't weep for me love" says your ruin faced form
like Id pine for a man who has failed me
Still I find myself wound in your seafarers clothes
and breathing the scent of your whiskey.

Oh widow am I, all tied up in death,
and I cant live on sorrow or pity.
May your name die away with your daughters in tow
who i know wont survive here without me.

And lovers there are, I who I cant say i love
cos your name calls me out to the waves.
I will follow you, love, in this winter so cold
cos it's death and forgetting that saves.

"Don't weep for me love" says your ruin faced form
like Id pine for a man who has failed me.
Still I find myself wound in your seafarers clothes,
and breathing the scent of your whiskey.

So give me your hand, as the sea gives you breath,
and you rise back up out of the salty.
oh you stink like the dead, but its what we both are
and the least you can do is come with me.

Blood on the Sea

He killed me by the full moon tide
no steel in his hand, no hate in his eyes.
His words were few, his words were kind
he wished me luck, and kissed my hand.

He said that sometimes life don't give
what you think you wanted
and if love was your question then time's
gonna give you your answers.

But the passing of days has brought nothing but words
and the cold.
And belief lives with lies
just as life lives with death
and grows old.

Blood on the sea, blood on the sea, please tke me away,
make othign of me. Blood on the sea. Blood on the sea.
Blood on the sea, blood on the sea, the weight of your words
made mortar of me.
So the lives of men remain a mystery to me.
And if God sees it all, He's alone with His clarity.

Faith is a word that builds bridges to rescue the wounded,
but when the ground falls away
everything else falls with it.

Blood on the sea, blood on the sea, please tke me away,
make othign of me. Blood on the sea. Blood on the sea.
Bllod on the sea, blood on the sea, the weight of your words
made mortar of me.

He killed me by the full moon tide
no steel in his hand, no hate in his eyes.
His words were few, his words were kind
he wished me luck, and kissed my hand.

Mary X (1859 - 1893)

A Hard Game

Hey over there – can you spare me what you've got?
I'll play what you want to hear – happy or sad. Frozen hands or not.
No I'm not from round here, people always ask that question.
Please, if you stop and stare,

Share at least your good suggestions.
Oh there are so many lives to run away from.
So won't you tell me how to make something of my own.


It's a loaded game, you can't take or leave
Hard hard, you've got to be.
Hope and faith: vanities
Hard hard, and you tell me

How do the lonely see?
Hard hard, I just step away.
You with your insight – does it keep you warm? Does it pacify?
Hard hard, oh.

And for what it's worth, it's an iron lung.
Hard hard, but it will help you breathe
You'll fit or sink, my dear
Hard hard - there is no other way.
Responsibility hard hard and it will stay
you with your frail light. You're a factory job, if you work it right.
Hard hard oh.

It's a loaded gun, but it's up to you
Far far be it from me to say
Use it as best you can
cos you get one shot
it can go either way
hard hard, oh.


Part I (from the traditional folk song “Bedlam Boys”)

For to see my Tom in Bedlam
a thousand miles I'd travel.
Mad Molly goes with dirty toes
to save her shoes from travel.
Still I sing bonnie boys, bonny eyed boys
Bedlam boys are bonny.

For they all go bare and they live on the air,
and they want no drink or money.
No money
no money.

Part II (from the traditional folk song “Silver Dagger”)

Don't sing love songs
you'll wake my mother.
She's sleeping here right by my side
and in her hand, a silver dagger.
She says that I can't be your bride.

Oh my father's a handsom devil,
he's got a chain that's 5 miles long.
And on each link, a broke heart dangles
from another he's loved and wronged.

Factory Nation


You'll know the day – the way light plays
the flight of fire, a phoenix and
the sky will fall, no one'll see but
you'll feel the bite of it's teeth,
and Hold.

Away, oh haul away. The hours will grind the life from me.
Give me the strength to breathe; to ride the minutes into years.

Oh fairytales
the taste of them
the guards will find you find you and
Oh fantasy
hold my heart
and please release
me from the throbbing of steal
and the heat.

Away, oh haul away. The hours will grind the life from me.
Give me the strength to breathe; to ride the minutes into years.

Oh mercy love,
You've time enough.
Hope is my own to
on through the sweat and the tears.
Hope is my own to
A waiting stone,
Dropped down into darkness,
and release

Heavenly Creatures

Molly, don't you run, just turn and give your spirit up to me.
Otherwise you've just the son of men as the authorities.
Oh come share the light here with me.
Hold your faith in death and don't breathe.
Oh don't move so out of my reach.
Molly don't you throw your pain upon this offering of peace.

Molly there's no door to bolt your daughter in there on her own
everybody lives and dies with what they cannot do alone.
Oh you'll stirr the rage in our quiet
Shape your path with who you incite.
Let her run they'll eat her alive.

Molly you're alone, alone, dont make this everybodys fight.
Molly there's a tree outside whose branches tumbled to the ground
Nothing more is left but still the seasons turn themselves around.
Oh come share the light here with me.

Hold your faith in death and don't breathe.
Oh don't move so out of my reach.
Molly don't you throw your pain upon this offering of peace.

Molly X (1877 – 1915)

The Arsonist

We met on the street when our building burned down
and we talked about what we'd have saved if the chance hadn't gone.
Gone gone.
You said other things might come along.

It was cheap movie night when you gave me your hand
and you told me you thought I was the one.
You were thirtyone, and it sounded like a line,
but I went back to your place and stayed until one.

Heaven heaven heaven.
But the stars didn't fall from the sky and the earth didn't sway.
Heaven heaven heaven.
Is what you think you've seen once cos you know
that it's not going to stay.

And if nice guys finish last, then you could have done well
but no fiction is as strange as the truth
and the truth was a shame.
Hold on – let's try this again just to make sure we didn't miss out;
that we don't have to be alone.

Heaven heaven heaven.
But the earth didn't sway and the stars didn't fall from the sky .
Heaven heaven heaven.
If you'd been Romeo, well then I'd just be expected to die.
Heaven, heaven
Is a sorry excuse for the fact that we're made to be burned
heaven heaven.
I'm so sorry my friend, this turns out to be your turn.

Well you know what it's like, when the fire burns hot
and it's beauty resides in a heat
that you know will be gone.
Gone gone.
And there's nothing to do when it has, you just have to move on.

But the trick of the eye is that one of you stays
and stared into flames that you think are still there
but they're not.
Cos they're gone.
Though their power to burn, is as if they'd have swallowed the sun.

Heaven heaven heaven.
But the earth didn't sway and the stars didn't fall from the sky .
Heaven heaven heaven.
If you'd been Romeo, well then I'd just be expected to die.
Heaven, heaven
Is a sorry excuse for the fact that we're made to be burned
heaven heaven.
I'm so sorry my friend, this turns out to be your turn.

Wait (I Run too Slow)

There's an old woman down the road, reads coloured cards to give you answers.
When her fingers turn up death, she'll kind of wink at you and grimace
and where you're headed to next, and what's stopped you from moving.

She says the lonely hunt for love and that the rich still hunt for money,
and to wise up, cos not one can help the desperate or the greedy
then she'll stare with her god eye closed and say you're the one choosing.

Dreams and signs,
I'm on a strange incline
and there's got to be some way out
but I'm not sure I follow.
Wait for me, wait for me. I run too slow.

She calls this innocent mistakes just cos I'm younger than she is
its naïve, it's cliched, it's idealistic
but at least I haven't lost what it feels like the whole world is missing.

Sticks and rhymes
you'll feel it when it's time
just dont ever look back my girl,
get out while you're still breathing.
Wait for me, wait for me. I run too slow.

A Healer's Folly (live)

I found you broken and full of thorns;
Your chest half open, your mind half yours.
With bloodied hands,
I weeded out your shame.
I washed you clean, I hoped you could be whole again.

For I was young and
I thought I knew such things:
how hope could heal, how hurt could
scream or sing.
But still I never asked you why you'd fallen so.
I hoped for more than bones to mend;
more that muscle that grows.

Till death do us part.
Till death do us part.

And spring it was, her beauty makes you drunk and blind.
We traded rings of gold I hoped
would make you mine.
But gratitude and love, they grow two different flowers.
The fruit of one is sweet, the other
poison sour.

Till death do us part
till death do us part

And human hurt is a shadow waiting,
to swallow those who seek the shade,
and hide from burning.

Till death do us part.
Till death do us part.

Oh I am grateful for small mercies.
The way the colour drains from winter,
from bitterness, and from me.
You never looked me in the eye
till harvests eve.
We shared our bitter fruit;
We left the way God lets us leave.
Till death do us part.
Till death do us part.

Wynne X (1895 - 1961)


In the town where you were born, there lives a man with crooked arms.
And when you go any visit him he'll tell you all the things he thinks you should have become.

Oh and if you go, go with one ear closed.
Oh and if you go, just pretend you've always known
you don't want to hear, you don't want to hear,
what he knows.

He lives in a crooked house, cos that's where crooked people live.
Oh and he does some crooked things that he will say you should have learned how to forgive.

Oh ad if you go, you'll see a mirror in his eyes.
Oh and if you go, you'll learn forgiveness has its price.
You don't want to hear, you don't want to hear,
how high.

When you meet his crooked wife she'll serve you up the kind of thing you've never seen.
And when she asks you how it tastes you'll find you never learned the words for what you need.

Oh and if you say, “I only meant to stay a while”
Oh she'll just nod her head, and she'll give a crooked smile
cos there are things noone can chose,
or reconcile.

And it's a twisted chimney frame where only smoke can turn and find it's way out free.
And this twisted pair exhale, and tell you tales of who and what you're supposed to be.

Oh and if you say, “I wasn't asking for advice”
oh and if you say “I'm only here cos it's polite'
We'll he'll tell you that there is no way to leave.
He'll say he's there to help you look back and to grieve.
He'll say that pity doesn't do you favours twice,
and that you and I are only here
cos every man has his price.

How the Dead Live (2009)

1) from Gravesend

In which Susannah, her family and History arrive in Karamea

In a town so small it barely had a name
The Fates weighed quiet anchor on the shore.
While ancient trees stood darkly in our way:
the tide went out.

Even History is surprised that she should be here
And her footprints look like questions in the sand.
She looks at Death and wonders what he'll give her
and the tide goes out.

And Duty takes my hand and wears me grey
while clouds make weightless exit over sea.
With all the letters never sent, yours never came
And the tide goes out.
The tide goes out again.

Here, the smell of winter
Isn't one I used to know.
And all these trees retain their colour
Though the endless rain
Should wash them through.


2) the Micheal Angelo

Susannahs memories of the journey inside the ship "Micheal Angelo" on which many pioneer families travelled to Nelson Bays before heading to Karamea

This song has no lyrics

3) The Witness

In which History expresses her disgust at being assigned to task of following Susannahs insignificant story

Your eyes shine wet in the dark
And I'm
The southern wind fills this mast and
Takes this cargo safely to
a nowhere town
To make nothing of them

They make me watch you and ask
I am
The ocean chews at the earth
Will they pull you down under crashing waves
and violent sea?
I'd make a story for you:

You'll find ways
Of dragging seconds out
Into days.
Don't let it come to that
You heard:
Don't let it come to that

3 faces that whisper at me:
"murderess murderess"
so where is Death when I ask to be
over you?
Please ask him
please ask him to
bear you out down in steady hands
with no requiem.
What would I say?

You'll ask for home
Till every little echo of her is
thin and worn.
I only wait here
and Say: "it is so".
Say: "it is so".


4) The Brave

Susannah talks about the lives of ordinary people and how History overlooks them

There's a black dog from the Fenian Rd
He follows everywhere I ever go.
When the earth is bare and nothing grows
He is company and we, will turn the stones.

When the men are gone and the women speak
O her pretty eyes turn blind to me.
Though we mark the earth as we mark the time
Still she'll look at us, look at us as if we're nothing.

But maybe, we are the Brave.
Though I know she'll never say.
Maybe we are the Brave
but she'll leave here, all the same

Theres a dark man on Umere Rd
He speaks the native tongue none of us knows.
And of all her men, and all their deeds
She never speaks a word of his to me

But Maybe we are the Brave
Though I know she'll never say.
Maybe we are the Brave
She will leave here, all the same

5) The Dead

Susannah speaks to Death about History

I'd pay the wind to turn it off
You make an ice age from a dry dock.
I'll sit here and
for the steamers to sail.

The quiet earth turns in its sleep
And mountains fall into the sea.
There is nothing else but

As History shook her tired head
I spoke with a man who was already dead
Through yellow clouds of nicotine
He waved dismissive hands at me
He said:
You don't know that you're nothing.
I don't like words that talk of pain
And I'm really only waiting.
But it feels like


6) The Proximity of Death

History fantasises about Death taking Susannah off her hands.

There's only 6 miles of bad road between you and I.
Only 6 miles of Bad Road and blue sky
If he gets there fast, you won't feel his breath
You won't catch my eye
But I count the time and I watch the days
Till he helps you fly.

There's only 3 feet of shallow water between you and I.
So it isn't deep – but its just enough to make sure that I..
O if you swam to the edge of things,
Where the earth meets the sky.
He will meet you there in the setting sun
With his empty eyes.

It's a short, sharp drop, past 3 flights of stairs between you and I.
So it isn't far, but you'd get there fast cos you're so fragile
Will he see me smile, as you taste his tongue?
As you vanish by
You will feel his hands, and they're cold like bone
But they're gone with time

How do you like your blue eyed boy?
How do you like your blue eyed boy?

7) Ghosts (Lest we Forget)

Henry (Susannahs husband) leaves for the Boer War, which History has decided to follow out of boredom with Susannahs story.

In autumn you left with the evening
Cold hands held
Time runs slow, imagining
Warms arms round me in the rain.
While the sea keeps burying your name
The tide will bare its teeth to you
Sirens call the lonely.
Stars don't keep their promises and
God couldn't follow
all this way.
asked him to bring you here again.

But there's noone in the sky.
There's noone in the fog.
There is
noone in the sky.
There is
Noone at all.
Today the breezes sent for me.
They brushed my face with kisses.
If I close my eyes would you
be there.
When I open them
I will
sing your name into the wind
But there's noone in the sky
Noone in the fog.
Noone in the sky
Noone at all.


8) Blood

History waxes gleeful at the prospect of blood, gore and a ripping good yarn. She leaves Susannah and forgets her.

This is where the waiting stops and I
get to move again.
Like the ribs of wrecks worn bare by sea, you will
be forgotten.

This is where the smell of blood on the air runs like music through me
And a thousand men will meet their deaths
when I take them down
to Boer with me

I wish you wouldn't wait susannh, cos
the ships don't ever come.
Hope is something that will drive you twisted
in the end.

Now I get to take the broken stories
of Kitcheners dead.
And mix them with the graves and names of lives
so bravely wasted.

This is where I laugh at gestures that I never understood
How could you have let the quiet sink so deeply into you?
I don't have to wave susannah, but ill smile instead.
Then Ill throw away your name and the names
of all your kindred.


9) Remembering the Dead

Susannah sings to History as History leaves

You wouldn't wait for me
You wouldn't wait for me.
Time can only
bury me.
In a borrowed grave
Under nameless trees.
While the empty face of your certainty, is
Clothed in sky, and dressed to leave
For the bloodstained tales
Of victory.

And if I were your jailor
I'd have carried your freed to you
So you'd always remember
All the glory
It won't allow you.

Passenger (2006)


I chased the sun for over 30 hours
Passed LA international and tired air hostesses

I had nothing with me

We find our truths in all the lonely places
In the ruins we leave in our attempts at greatness

You will fade to grey cos I want you to

Green (Flying Over Ireland)

I have run from an Island nation
Where the sea swallowed up the sun
She was torn into halves from beneath and above
But the wind and the rain were her own

I lost all my songs in her oceans
Told all my friends I was strong
Their smiles are a butterflies wings
And the storms in the amazon

I thought that your history would move me
But the nothing is bigger than war
It feels like the empty illusion
I followed a broken man for

Its more than our histories of murder
That make us know we are alone.
The wind is as endless as Europe
The tears in our hands are our own


Letters Home

its rain on the front line
its been weeks without sunshine
And I feel
like Ive lost what Im fighting for
the rains gonna fall no matter which side we re on

My brothers
are sunk in the quagmyre
I taste
the smell of gunfire
I feel like Im flying home
But the place I arrive is never where I came from

And I can hear them fall
I can hear then fall
I can hear them fall
We re all gonna fall in the end


Waiting for the Sun

Mother England lies
Where the gulf stream brings
The warm water through.
She wont have the time
But take this piece of mind:
She walked the world with you

She says the same thing to me
Again and again and again
Ive called and Ive called and she says to me
Ive called and Ive called and she says to me:
She s waiting for the sun

In the eastern arm
A face with practiced charm
Is building solemn walls.
In his ruined towns
The vultures do their rounds
And televise his calls.


Fear of Flying

It took the wind to fly you
All this way from home
Praying that the saints would hold your
Bridge to the sun

But they re liars
They re liars
Ive always known

I let this story fill me
As if Fate had thrown me so far
I wish you had filled this nothing
But its more than who we are

And we re liars
We re liars
Ive always known.



There were months with engines
In case the silence came.
They took the quiet hand
That waited
at my throat away.
The cold percussion
Of all these man-made things
The rhythmic scream of trains
that automate
the life in things

But I never wanted
To see the timely rain
To know precisely how
the chemistry
in feeling drains
I ask no sinewave cycles
And no repeats
from time
I cant see answers in
the accidents that chaos finds

I should have seen it  amidst the broken things
That lost their meaning when analysis was everything
There is no voice of Venus amidst the steel and grey
And Im impatient for the things that make me move again

I should have seen it  but it s a different sky
all the stars are in the wrong place at the wrong time
There is no voice of Venus amidst the steel and grey
And Im impatient for the things that make me move again

The Machines of B

When the machines have gone
You ll wonder where you ve been
You cant outrun yourself
But you re alone again
An ordinary man
An ordinary girl
Somewhere along the way
We learned we cant change the world

But you ll wish that you had

And all the hollow things
Ride on a coloured sea
But only see themselves
In every other thing.
It is a lonely world
An ordinary place
When the machines have gone
You cannot fill their space

But youll wish that you had


The Freeing of Bagdad

I was looking for escape when I met you
And of all the things bigger than us
You would think that the death of thousands
Would at least distract me.

I didn t find my happy ending
In your country where
I could drive for 10 hours and
Never reach the sea.

While Bagdad burned: I cried.
In a café in Europe.

Over the touch of your hand

The Loneliest of Creatures (2002)

The Long Goodbye

thanks for listening.
Its been nice to think there's someone out there
though Im never sure.
Its a long time sine we last spoke.

This will be my last message
number v2-200-111 for reference
my power supply is low and
it may never reach you.
Im so far from the sun now.

I passed and unknown planet.
known only in your records as 'X'
it was a blue planet,
swathed in the mists of
a long awaited peace
turning so slowly
that its day takes a thousand years.
There's a red scar on its eastern surface
from the explosive angers
of its youth.

I took a picture.
For your records Houston.
I have remaining memory for these things,
but no power with which to send them
in this - my last message.

and it is a shame
you would have liked it


No Carrier

Can you hear me
remember me.
its been so long.

heaven is so far
heaven is,
so far..
heaven is
so far away from me

The Ironman (2000)

The Washing Machine Song

This is a story about a girl who attempts to defy a series
of "scientific" understandings which to all but trained
professionals seem like something everybody knows.
The watching eyes and open mouths and open ears say:
All the worlds a stage - take a bow.

So what do we expect? We see: someone walking forward
slowly but indefinitely towards something incomprehensible,
not understandable, illogical or just harder. maybe just harder


Gotham City

She is the wind cooled down - all the way cold.
Blue is the blood of power. Black are the dusted bones.
and I would've fallen for her, she is dispairs cold flower.
Pulled at the strings above her - run with lust of power.
She is deaths ice charm , lonelinesses slow song.
She is the watchers eye to her own requiem:
And I would've fallen for her - she is the hangmans moon.
White is the face that draws us - black is the edge of ruin.


The Factory

Here in the steel-mill we are forming
farming the templates of facade.
Barbed and explicit, they are anchors
weighing the measure of the stars.

Spitting the sparks of ultimatum
turning the wheel like a blade
calling the ironman and his daughter
lie in the maiden that we've made.

cos they are and they are and they are

walk on the ladder when you've paid



Sunset = CMYK
high tide is the pull
of the moons gravity.
Birdsong = key: harmonic minor
outgrowth is the product
of air over water
Death is a lost competition
(and pitiful)
My hate and my love
is chemical.


Part II

So what if I'm bored
and ordinary?
With mysteries' hands
you tear the winter
I miss the strange skies
and broken weather
In strong enough arms
the carriers are leaving
and rain will fall
with silence waiting.


The Sentence

Here in the coolroom -well you: you wont,
lie to the stone cold - and you: you wont,
fold with the air -and you: you wont,
walk with the dead -and you: you wont,
Lie in the bed, boy - and you: you wont,
bleed like a martyr child - and you: you wont,
sing with breeze - and you: you wont,
call to the hail light - and you: you wont,
Cold in the dim shade - you: you wont,
stretch to the sunlight - and you: you wont


The Trend

The golden child smiles discontinued dreams
with words that flow too easily to hear.
The swimmers dive and try to catch the waves -
their laughter flows like honey coated razor blades.
And she is just some little girl who likes to pick the flowers
and show them how to make the grade
She rides the crest of manufactured waves and says that
she's become what she herself has made:
And someone used to say the tide would turn.
And when it does, be where you want to be.
The winds of change blow singing with her tears :
and pulled her out and drowned her instead of me
I am higher, I am higher.
Holier than you

Birds of Prey (1997)

Sister Falling

My Mary bought a gun with
her fathers violence
she's sick of finding words
from other peoples silence
the pain won't ease in the air now
sick of the sin that sleeps in her bed now.

So whats it going to be girl?
you could spend your life pretending
that things are going to heal now
with at least some sort of ending.
The blood won't wash out in water
thicker than rope you hang from the rafters

Now I'm alone.

Here stands resounding silence
after storms of anger
the tide runs, red and greedy
peace is its passenger.
Sister your black God is calling,
bleed the family tree in mourning
splash the tear that
breaks on falling.

now I'm alone

My sister Mary.
Why couldn't you talk to me.

Birds Of Prey

A stone sculptured body lies
slumped on a cross now
To feed the collective who he
claims he will save now And
we wait for him to save the world

The carrion birds came and
tore out the poor eyes
the people all saw light and
flocked round it like flies
Waiting for him to change the world

And the pain twists their bodies in
the name of their savior Who
will someday return home and
save all the sinners Who
wait for him to save the world

God save all the children who cry now in hunger
God damn non-believers and burn them in anger
Burn them in anger
God damn all the liar’s and their promises breaking
We can sit and do nothing while the millions are dying
And wait for him to save the world



I watched you
spill your guts
in the oceans sewer
I drank your solace like
your sweet cool tears
I breathe the air I
fill the atmosphere I
Choke the air with weed
that grows and spreads disease

But I wont let it happen again

I am unstable fuel I
am the cult that hates you I
am genocide that follows baseless nation pride I
am the fire that feeds on
Blood and corporate greed I
am intolerance and narrow-minded ignorance

But I won't let it happen again

So much pain is televised
Cut down to inconsequential size
When the pain and fear become cliché’s
It's easier to walk away .



You were always the quiet one
With strange ambition for oblivion
The bite of the cold is always you to me
The smell of the quiet brings your taste to me

You were always the twisted one
Who drank your solace from everyone
For the strength of your hate
I loved your bitterness
For the blood in your soul
I loved your emptiness

We always wonder
why good things die
We cry them our poison and we
drink ourselves dry
cut flowers always die.



Hope springs like a rare disease to my
lover’s eyes
Doesn't know if he cuts the trees he can't
reach the skies
His hand wont warm to mine just 'cos I believe
I watch the time rot, like my heart, when I breathe.

Will he touch my face again like it's made of gold?
Or run like the yearling does when bullets break the cold

Love twists like a rusty nail in the
flesh of the young
The fear that you will fall and fail lies
frozen in the sun
His hand wont warm to mine just 'cos I believe
I watch the time rot, like my heart, when I breathe.

I just twist in suspended bliss in a whirlpool of time
Perpetuate in your images because hope is blind.


Pandora’s Box

I watched you
pour your tears into my cup of coffee
I heard you
burn your fears
on your lounge curtains for the world to see
But you say that you can never love me
You say that sort of thing only happens on TV

Did you feel
above the world?
When we sat on the roof above the trees
And watched the people
shrink in size, get on with their lives
In focus it seems
But you say that’s only how it appears to be
You say that’s not right for them but it sure aint right for me

Baby wont you go and spin me one more crock of shit
That I can wear to school this summer
Tears fall from your lizard eyes But crocodile: you waste my time
And I can’t break the spell I’m under
So I'll just go and throw my tears
like pebbles down a wishing well
They're just a bunch of useless fears and
stupid values I could sell
Maybe my hearts like
Pandora's box as well

Honey child ride the sea
With no anchor you'll drift endlessly
I guess that’s just the way you want to be
But you're the only one that really believes you’re free.


Hey baby, Alice is home
She's so dry she could
catch fire
The colours on the TV are tired
The voice on the radio higher

Bored bored and
boring again
Itching like she could grow wings
The cat smiles disembodied
One wave of its tail stings

You paint me so faceless
Ignorance is contagious
Attractive hand of the dying
You spit your
cold pity
Like folded rainbows at me
So ugly souls of the crying

The world is shrinking again
Don't Mock - You can
eat me
The swim is long and lucid
To float with the tide is easy.



She stands in her corner of the room
Swept out of the way
Like so many empty used
packets of shit In the garbage bin
Matching the decor - old bones in the closet

Strength from the bottle to leave again
And crying at talk shows you see on the TV
Like fish in aquariums swimming in
other people's pity. Not pain like your drowning in

What are you gonna tell your friends?
Black is your colour; you fell down the stairs again
What does he think of love?
Something you suffer from, weakness you rise above

Live your grey day in the wings for him
Think of all things as they are or
they might have been
Oh your blue eyes are so black for him
Stand in the corner a wallflower wilting

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