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New EP Trilogy

“[A] remarkable talent.. in a category all of her own. She's a force of nature" Prog Magazine (UK)

"..she’s spellbinding. Haunting, beautiful songs that proved to be mesmerising in both subject and style" Cat on the Wall (UK).

This year’s music project is a 3 EP trilogy based on old pagan archetypes and how they persist in the modern world. Maiden, Mother, Crone is a set of EPs to be released in April and October 2014, and Feb 2014.  Orders are via CDBaby, iTunes and directly from Jordan at bandcampYou can click on the player below to listen to "Crone", and find previews of the other EPs on Soundcloud

Crone (2014)

The first EP in the "Maiden, Mother, Crone" trilogy. 

The Music - Maiden, Mother, Crone.

The "Maiden, Mother Crone" trilogy combines pagan imagery with modern narratives on women. "The Hag", or Crone was once seen as wise, but the elderly today are often simply marginalised or overlooked entirely. The "Crone"'s invisibility however, has a plus side. She can be as political as she likes, and many of her songs are just that. The Crone is more outside the gaze of what is expected of women, compared to the other two figures, so is allowed to speak her mind. It is a voice within her voicelessness , and an identity that she herself can construct.

The Mother character wrestles with balancing societal expectation with what she herself wants from her life. She is the character society often feels completely entitled to judge, touch, and regulate. As a result she is the moral body and struggles with both external assessment and with what to do when her attempts to do what is expected of her not work out as planned.  

The Maiden is an emergent character - only allowed to "be" in a context of innocence and naivity. Her battle is to become what she is, despite any negative judgements over what are considered transgressions from the archetype.

More information on the background and mythology behind the album is available on Jordan's blog here.

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"Maiden" Pre-Oders Open

"Maiden" is the final EP in the "Maiden, Mother, Crone" trilogy and due for release on April 2nd 2015. Pre-orders are now open at Bandcamp all pre-orders will be signed, and the first 50 will be numbered aswell. You can listen to the preview track by clicking below.

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